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Graham Kemp

November 26th, 2014 | Comments Off on Graham Kemp

Graham testimonialMy Wife recently gave birth to our second daughter and I was looking at purchasing an Eternity ring to celebrate the milestone. I had purchased her engagement and wedding rings 5 years earlier from another Company with the instruction to design it exactly the same as the Tiffany Novo.

While I was initially content with the engagement ring design, within 5 minutes of meeting with Karl he was able to highlight some attention to detail flaws. While disappointed with the flaws I hadn’t been aware of for the last 5 years, in that same 5 minutes Karl was able to provide a solution in order to improve and further align with the Novo style I was originally seeking. With the engagement ring sorted we then got underway with discussing designs for the eternity ring in order to match the current rings, but still have a wow factor to set it apart.

I had some rough ideas as to what I wanted which I articulated to Karl. Karl was then able to run with those ideas and provide his own subtle suggestions to come up with something I would never have thought of myself and indeed, provided the wow factor I was hoping for. Within 1 week I received a call to say that everything was complete and ready for me to come and pick up. Upon seeing the rings – Engagement and Wedding – I couldn’t believe they were the same rings I had dropped off, then seeing the Eternity ring next to them was simply stunning and certainly had exceeded my expectations. I surprised my Wife with the rings the same day and with her reaction not containing any words just tears, (happy tears obviously) I knew she was equally and possibly even more blown away with her new rings.

The experience with Karl far outweighed the experience and process I went through 5 years earlier. If I’d had someone with the knowledge, experience and design skill set Karl offered, I’m confident the additional engagement ring improvements wouldn’t have had to occur and I wouldn’t have had the same reaction from my Wife. Regarding the Eternity ring, Karl provided me with a few different options and was always open and transparent throughout the process, without having that feeling of being pressured towards a certain option. Thanks for the experience and final product Karl – hope to see you again soon.


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