Diamonds are synonymous with glamour, style and pizazz just as gemmologist and a master jeweller Karl Schwantes is synonymous with creativity, romance and flair.

An award winning designer, he is a man of makarl schwantesny talents and a true gentleman. With a background in the military, he encapsulates the values of honour, integrity and focus. But it is his love of diamonds that truly makes him shine.

His skill at creating magnificent pieces of jewellery was honed as a child playing at the work benches in his parents’ business – Xennox Diamonds. As an earnest eight year old, he helped out at the Brisbane store sweeping floors and making coffee, observing the craftsman at work, guided by his father. By the time he was 12, he was creating and designing pieces of his own. Little wonder diamonds are his passion…and always on his mind.

Before making the leap into the family business, Karl studied science, earning a degree in psychology from The University of Queensland. Then driven by the desire to serve his country, he enlisted in the Australian Army rising to the rank of Captain.

Described by those who know him as a ‘diamond surgeon’, what he knows about these precious stones could fill a book or three. His regular blog posts explores the world of diamonds and jewellery, teaching people everything they could want to know.

An engaging communicator and social commentator, his down to earth style and sense of humour takes the mystic out the industry. His observations about romance, marriage and relationships come from almost 20 years in the industry. When he delivers a keynote speech, you are taken on ride that leaves no stone unturned. When the audience leaves, they take away more than what they came for – whether it is a quirky talk on the engagement ring fantasy or exploring rebirthing a ring after divorce.

As an award winning designer, Karl has an uncanny eye for quality and uniqueness. His craft lies in making unique jewellery but also in connecting with the people who walk through his door, taking them on a journey to find or create a special piece that tells a story. He has helped over 5,000 couples find the right piece for them… helping them create their story – stories that define life’s poignant – diff word maybe moments from wedding to birth…and everything in between.

karl_shwantes_ringHe loves putting pen to paper and you will often find him with sketch book and pencil immersed in creation, designing pieces that truly captures the WOW factor. From the cut to colour, to creation and crafting, Karl is the ultimate guide when it comes to selecting the perfect piece for that moment in time.

He is not just about jewellery; what really makes him hum is creating unforgettable experiences that celebrate life’s breathtaking events. Karl’s passion is to inspire and deliver beyond all expectations – maybe here about redefining what a jewellery store experience should be like.

As a passionate and committed philanthropist, he gives his time to a number of worthy organisations including The Zig Zag Foundation where he has sat on the board and been an ambassador for many years helping raise more than $100k for underprivileged children. As the father of four children, this a charity close to his heart.

Proudly supporting Legacy, over the past three years, Xennox Diamonds has helped them raise over $30,000. Since 2011, Karl grabs his sleeping bag in support of Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout . Blessed with good fortune, he knows that sometimes life can throw a curve ball and we all need to step up to help out. Lending his voice to Vinnies is his way of helping to raise awareness about homelessness.

Karl Schwantes is a leader in the jewellery world and the community. His mission is to keep the industry alive and vibrant, to empower people to invest in jewellery that is divinely unique and to make a difference in the lives of those who need it and love it.