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5 Engagement Ring Tips To Rock Her World

November 21st, 2014 | no comments

In my experience when an engagement ring choice has not be met with the intended excitement, it is because it hasn’t been perfectly matched with the lady wearing it, or they didn’t know who to ask for some expert engagement ring tips.

To make sure that your engagement ring is a winner, make sure that you consider these 5 engagement ring tips.

1.     Engagement ring tips – Who the wearer is, and their style

engagement ring tips to nail the proposala.     If I said to you that you could only wear one coloured shirt for the rest of your life. I am sure you would want to spend the time deciding which colour and shape best suited your body. An engagement ring is just like that. Not only will you have it for a very long time but you will also be looking at it every day. So for they guys out there, it is really important to make sure that the ring your design for your partner really reflects her style. Is she a traditional girl, or is the super extra bling ring more her style. Have a look at the jewellery she already wears to get a sense of her style.

2.     Engagement ring tips – Come up with an design to personalise

a.     Almost every design can be personalised to make it unique. Whether it is something as simple as adding a few diamonds into the side of the setting, or something as unique as adding a pink diamond into the base of the ring. Deciding to make her engagement ring as individual as she is, really shows her how much you care about her.

3.     Choose the metal that compliments the skin tone

a.     The obvious one here is to have a look at the jewellery your partner is already wearing. If she has yellow gold earrings bracelets then choosing a yellow gold engagement ring is a pretty safe bet. If this is to be the first significant piece of jewellery that she has every owned, then the next best thing to do is to look at her skin tone.

gold silver choiceWarm: ladies with warm skin tones will usually have fair, peachy or golden undertones to their skin. These tones are usually accompanied by red, brown (with a reddish tint), strawberry blond or golden highlights in their hair colour. The ideal gold colour for a woman with a warm skin tone is yellow gold or rose gold. Always aim to use 18ct gold. As the pure gold content is double that of 9ct, the colour will look richer, and is closer to the colour that we know gold to look like. 9ct has twice as much copper, so has a definite coppery

Cool: cooler skin tones are usually found in ladies with black, olive or ivory skin colours. These women may also have ashy dark brown, white-blonde, or salt and pepper hair colours. For these women, white gold or platinum works well. The contrasting white metal, will really make the engagement ring stand out against her skin colour.

4.     Engagement ring tips – Choose an amazing diamond

engagement tips - diamond selection

engagement tips – find the perfect diamond

a.     Like the centre of a painting, the diamond is the focus point of the engagement ring. There is no point in having a beautiful frame if the picture in the middle is terrible. Always aim to have the best diamond that you can. It is always better to have a slightly smaller diamond of better quality than one that is simply larger. High performance diamonds like the Passion8 “hearts and arrows” diamonds are the brightest diamonds on the market. While they might not sparkle in the dark, I think there is no greater compliment you can give another lady, than complimenting on the way her diamond sparkles.

5.     Engagement ring tips – Sit flush with a straight wedding ring

engagement ring tips -rings that sit flusha.     Almost every engagement ring can be designed to sit flush with a straight wedding ring. It just takes a skilled designer who understands the laws of jewellery and design to angle the wires on the correct angle, so that the wedding ring will sit flush beside the setting. Very few ladies like having a curved wedding band. Some ladies find that a curved wedding ring looks a little odd when you wear it by themselves. It can also create an unusual effect when wearing them together and one of the rings move, creating a gappy effect.

If having a unique diamond engagement ring is something that is important to you, then it is essential to have it designed by a professional jewellery designer with expert engagement ring tips. Someone who takes the time to get to know what the lady who is wearing it is like and what her style is. I will guide you through the process and give you suggestions on how to personalise it for her and make it unique.  If you would like a one in a million engagement ring, please book a consult appointment.

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