Graham Kemp

Graham testimonialMy Wife recently gave birth to our second daughter and I was looking at purchasing an Eternity ring to celebrate the milestone. I had purchased her engagement and wedding rings 5 years earlier from another Company with the instruction to design it exactly the same as the Tiffany Novo.

While I was initially content with the engagement ring design, within 5 minutes of meeting with Karl he was able to highlight some attention to detail flaws. While disappointed with the flaws I hadn’t been aware of for the last 5 years, in that same 5 minutes Karl was able to provide a solution in order to improve and further align with the Novo style I was originally seeking. With the engagement ring sorted we then got underway with discussing designs for the eternity ring in order to match the current rings, but still have a wow factor to set it apart.

I had some rough ideas as to what I wanted which I articulated to Karl. Karl was then able to run with those ideas and provide his own subtle suggestions to come up with something I would never have thought of myself and indeed, provided the wow factor I was hoping for. Within 1 week I received a call to say that everything was complete and ready for me to come and pick up. Upon seeing the rings – Engagement and Wedding – I couldn’t believe they were the same rings I had dropped off, then seeing the Eternity ring next to them was simply stunning and certainly had exceeded my expectations. I surprised my Wife with the rings the same day and with her reaction not containing any words just tears, (happy tears obviously) I knew she was equally and possibly even more blown away with her new rings.

The experience with Karl far outweighed the experience and process I went through 5 years earlier. If I’d had someone with the knowledge, experience and design skill set Karl offered, I’m confident the additional engagement ring improvements wouldn’t have had to occur and I wouldn’t have had the same reaction from my Wife. Regarding the Eternity ring, Karl provided me with a few different options and was always open and transparent throughout the process, without having that feeling of being pressured towards a certain option. Thanks for the experience and final product Karl – hope to see you again soon.


Graham Kemp, Global Business Services, Rio Tinto
Scott Templeton

Templeton testimonialAs an admirer of the finer things in life and all that is opulent, beginning my search for an engagement ring excited me to no end. Immediately I knew it had to be diamond and white gold. I just needed an expert to help create a design that was simple and classic.

I had done no actual research in regards to what I could afford, where I would buy this elusive figment and the four C’s…what?!?! I had a moment of ‘clarity’ and it was ‘clear’ that if I was to pick the perfect ‘carat’ I needed to ‘cut’ to the chase and educate myself.

I researched over the internet incessantly over weeks to come and heightened my hearing senses to all things engagement. I had learned of a specific store called Xennox where my girlfriend’s Father had purchased her Mother’s engagement ring 30 years prior and I knew instinctively, this was the only store in which I would purchase the ring. It added special sentiment that money cannot buy.

After months of saving and having planned the perfect proposal opportunity, I was ready for my maiden voyage to the jewellers. Throughout the course of engagement ring preparation, I had toyed with the idea of inviting one of my girlfriend’s sisters along for the purchase. This way I could ensure what I picked was in fact the right choice and also to have someone to share the experience with. My journey thus far had been solitary.

After to-ing and fro-ing, I contacted my future sister-in-law and asked her to keep lunch free for the following day as we were going engagement ring shopping! This news was accepted with joy and the euphoria of ‘ring purchasing day’ had well and truly set in. The next day we arrived at the store and were welcomed by a sea of sparkling…clarity and a very knowledgeable Karl. Discussions of budget and design ensued in a down to earth manner without pretension, which made me feel welcomed and at ease.

After pondering two separate rings, I had finally come to a conclusion. The perfect ring! Perfect because it fit every criteria and perfect because it was mine. This is a story I think about often and one that I will never forget. I am reminded each day as I look at my wife and notice the ‘brilliance’ of the cut!

Scott Templeton
G. Roy

My experience with Karl Schwantes was great - Even though l reside in another state, the process was quite seamless and very quick. Karl responded very quickly with a concept deign based on the information l had provided, we discussed over the phone then confirmed by email. A couple of weeks later, l received my new ring in a beautiful box and with a complimentary valuation.
I would not hesitate to recommend them and the fact that l didn’t visit the store in person made no difference to me.

G. Roy